Onur Çağırıcı

Researcher at Masaryk University

Onur Çağırıcı

Faculty of Informatics

Onur Çağırıcı

Department of Computer Science

About Me


I am a full-time Ph.D. student ad researcher at the Department of Computer Science, Masaryk University . My thesis supervisor is Petr Hliněný . My main area of interest is computational geometry. Particularly, I am interested in visibility graphs and unit disk graphs.

I am a member of Laboratory of Discrete Methods and Algorithms (DIMEA) research group.


Office C420
Botanická 68A
Brno, CZ




+420 549 49 6748


My areas of interest

Conflict-free coloring of polygon visibility graphs

Conflict-free coloring of a simple graph is assigning colors to a subset of vertices such that every vertex in the graph sees a unique color. A polygon visibility graph is a graph that describes the visibility relations among the vertices of a given polygon.

Unit disk graph recognition on restricted domains

Recognizing of a unit disk graph is determining whether a given simple graph can be realized as an intersection graph of unit disks. A restricted domain is a pre-determined solution space where the disks are allowed to be centered.

Maximum clique of a disk set

A clique is a set of disks where each disk mutually intersect. The aim is to find such a set with maximum cardinality. It is not yet known whether this problem is tractable.

Events I have attended


May 2019, Telč, Czech Republic -- Crossing Numbers Workshop '19

October 2017, Telč, Czech Republic -- MEMICS '17

May 2017, Osnabrück, Germany -- Crossing Numbers Workshop '17

October 2016, Telč, Czech Republic -- MEMICS '16


June 2019, Smižany , Slovakia -- CSGT '19

May 2018, Budapest, Hungary -- SoCG '18


April 2017, Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech Republic -- Spring School of Combinatorics '17

December 2016, Prague, Czech Republic -- CE-ITI '16

Short CV

For my full CV click here.



visiting researcher at ENS de Lyon Lyon, France


visiting researcher at UASLP San Luis Potosí, Mexico

visiting researcher at UNAM Mexico City, Mexico

visiting researcher at Cinvestav Mexico City, Mexico

visiting researcher at Jagiellonian University Kraków, Poland

2016 - ongoing

PhD at Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic


MSc at Izmir University of Economics Izmir, Turkey


Internship at University of Cantabria Santander, Spain


Internship at Coretech Istanbul, Turkey


BSc at Izmir University of Economics Izmir, Turkey


[1] Onur Çağırıcı, Subir Kumar Ghosh, Petr Hliněný, Bodhayan Roy: On conflict-free chromatic guarding of simple polygons . CoRR abs/arXiv:1904.08624 (2019)

[2] Onur Çağırıcı: Axes-parallel unit disk graph recognition is NP-hard. CoRR abs/1811.09881 (2018)

[3] Onur Çağırıcı, Petr Hlinený, Bodhayan Roy: On Colourability of Polygon Visibility Graphs. FSTTCS 2017

[4] Onur Çağırıcı: Exploiting Coplanar Clusters to Enhance 3D Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks. CoRR abs/1502.07790 (MSc thesis, 2015)